3D Nail art Trends

As nail designs are becoming as important to outfits as shoes or jewelry, the array of nail techniques has expanded immensely. Recently more and more people have been seeking out the new 3D nail art trend that has been seen on celebrities like Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Creating a long acrylic nail that has space for 3D designs is easier than it looks! Elongated acrylics can be made by using Divinity Advanced Polymer, which extends the length of the nail plate. This popular nail trend allows for a larger palette to create nail artwork. The Artfinity 3D sculpting powder comes in over 100 hundred colors, creating endless acrylic color combinations. By keeping up with the latest nail designs like 3D art, manicurists and salons can ensure that they are offering everything their clients need to have the best possible manicure.

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