Enter to WIN a GelFinity Hybrid Uv/LED Lamp with the New Gel-polish Base and Top Coat

Win KUPA's GelFinity UV/LED Hybrid Lamp in your choice of Black or White color with the GelFinity Gel Base Coat, Gel Top Coat Soak Off, and Gel Top Matte Finish!! This is a $239 value!


One Winner will be announced via EMAIL to all participants on March 31st, 2017. Click on the photo to bring you to the entry page! Good luck everyone! 



The GelFinity Hybrid UV/LED Lamp has 36 watts of power that can cure both UV and LED products, so you never need to worry about compatibility issues. For customer's comfort, there is a built-in arm rest to relax during their service. The timer allows you to conveniently select 10, 30, 60 or 90 seconds to adjust your drying times to other polish or gel products. The lamp includes an automatic motion sensor that will activate the light when customers place their hands into the lamp. Comes complete with auto switching transformer that is compatible with both 110 or 220 volt power sources. (110 Volt is standard for use in the USA, 220 Volt is common in UK & the EU). The GelFinity Hybrid lamp also features an easy off magnetic bottom for convenience when drying pedicures. GelFinity Gel Base Coat 1/2oz bottle: Use GelFinity Gel Base Coat for a superior adhesive bond between the nail plate and gel products without damaging the natural nail plate. GelFinity Gel Top Coat 1/2oz Bottle: GelFinity Gel Top Seals Soak-Off gel polish to a high gloss shine that will not fade, chip or peel. Cures to a no-wipe finish. GelFinity Gel MATTE Top Coat 1/2oz Bottle: GelFinity Gel Matte Top Seals Soak-Off gel polish to a matte finish that will not fade, chip or peel. Cures to a no-wipe finish. To remove soak-off with acetone or polish remover. Cures 90 seconds in your KUPA GelFinity UV/LED Hybrid Light or 2 minutes in a standard UV Light.  To Remove: Soak in acetone until soft then gently remove with a metal pusher.



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