Enter to WIN MANIPro Glo 15K on YouTube

The MANIPro Glo Lamp has arrived, and we couldn't be more excited! 

To celebrate, we'll be giving away a MANIPro Glo to one lucky member of #TeamKupa as we approach 15K YouTube subscribers



So what is the MANIPro Glo Lamp? 


This innovative lamp has two interchangeable color sleeves, top and bottom, allowing you to customize your lamp to match your mood and your Passport. The two starter colors are black with a red sleeve, and white with a purple sleeve. 



It features Multi-LED bulbs, a rechargeable battery for wireless power all day, Ouch! Free curing for clients' maximum comfort, and much more.


Sleek, fun, and functional, the MANIPro Glo is more than just a lamp: It's a fashionable accessory.


Perfect for the Kupa base coat, top coat, and matte top coat, the MANIPro Glo Lamp will perfectly cure any nail gel, so you can create the strongest, most beautiful nails around. 


So what do you have to do to win?


First, fill out the form below. 

Second, make sure you are subscribed to us on YouTube! 

Third, create a social media post that shows off your favorite Kupa product and/or set of nails using the hashtag #MANIProGlo

Once we hit 15K on YouTube we will announce the winner to our social media stories tagging the winner!

Good luck! 


  • Viktoria

    I heard so much about kupa nail drill from frends that it is become my dream to buy it. Stopped working becasuse covid 19 but waiting to start again as soon as possible and pray every day for all who got this horroble viruse.This lamp is so so pretty .Wish you all good luck and ask the winnner share with us the feeling how is to work with it.♥️

  • Genesis Nicole

    I love kupa and just ordered the manipro original 2.0 worth the 10 piece bit kit! Is love to win the maniPro glo!!!! ❤

  • Sami

    Subscribed !!!

  • Gertruida

    I love to hafe one

  • Roderick Russell

    Luv to try win it to try it

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