Kupa Inc. Offers Flat Rate Repairs for the MANIPro Passport

Here at Kupa Incorporated, we believe in serving our customers to the best of our abilities. We understand that sometimes machines will need to be tuned up maintained or repaired. It is important for you to maintain your MANIPro to ensure it functions the best and longest that it can. 

Think of your MANIPro like your car. If it has a mechanical issue, you will turn to trained professionals to fix anything wrong with the engine. The same thing goes for you MANIPro! Let MANIPro Repair Professionals at Kupa Inc. fix your machine so it will be in tip top shape for years to come.

We want you to know that we are here for YOU and want to supply YOU with the best resources for your Kupa tools that we possibly can.

That is why we offer our customers a FLAT RATE for repair services. Use the codes listed below to specify what of your Kupa Tools need repairing as well as codes for shipping and handling.

The codes are as follows:

RPS-CONTROLBOX = $39.95 - Control Box Only (MANIPro Passport, KP-5000, Upower 200, Super UP-200)

RPS-HANDPIECE = $59.95 -

Handpiece Only (KP-55, KP-60, UG-12, SUG-12)

RPS-COMPLETE = $99.90 - Complete Unit HP + CB (MANIPro Passport, KP-5000, Upower 200, Super UP-200)


*To opt in for mobile tracking, please provide us with your phone carrier and mobile number. This will allow SMS Instant Response to track and update you with the status of your repair.*

The flat rate includes return shipping to the USA!
If you live outside of the USA, the flat rate offers a $15 credit toward return shipments. International customers must pay the shipping cost difference after the $15 credit is applied. 
We recommend you pay the flat rate pair ahead of sending in your machine.
If you do not pay the rate within 90 days of us repairing your machine,
we have the right to use your machine for our own purposes.
We will do our best to contact and inform you of your pending payment,
but it is your responsibility to ensure the repair is paid for within 90 days! 

Pay the rate here: 


Please call us with questions at 1(800)994-5872, or email us at mail@kupainc.com 


  • Lantram

    Can you email me the instruction to repair the mani pro passport KP 55.The switch turn on and off it not go through, I had this fix before from your company but it still happens.

  • Jayde Jordan

    How can I use my warranty if my drill stopped working properly

  • Rachael Wilson

    Hello Nina- We hope you were able to locate the repair links from this blog, all flat rate options are available here: https://kupainc.com/collections/nav-repair-service

  • Nina Nguyen

    Where do I send it to and is there a form I fill out?

  • Jen Heaton

    Kudos to YOU GUYS at Kupa! I bought my Mani-Pro Passport when, I believe they first came out. (Like 5 years ago.) If I remember correctly the handpiece had been dropped, and it worked fine, but within a week it stopped and seemed like it just wasn’t getting power to the handpiece. So I have not used it in over 5 years and I had only used it for like 3 months when this happened. I was hesitant about the cost so kept putting it off. I’m SO happy that you have introduced a flat rate so we know what we are getting into as far as price. I cant wait to use it again. My question is this though; Because I bought the first model of the Mani-Pro passport, it isn’t acetone resistant. So the battery box thingy looks all dingy because I stupidly assumed it was and used acetone to clean the surface of it off. Do you offer any type of service that will repair the paint? I was pretty upset when I saw that you quickly put out an acetone resistant model very shortly after I got mine. Please advise on this. If you don’t I will just have to make a vinyl wrap for it. Thank you for your time and for putting your customers first!

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