Free Demo Day April 15th, 2019


Join Team KUPA for a FREE Nail Demo at our training center! Hang out with the Kupa Educator Team Monday APRIL 15TH, 2019 at the KUPA Training Center in Anaheim, CA! It is FREE to attend and the first 50 guests receive a FREE gift from Kupa! There will be raffles, FREE NAIL DEMOS, and much, much more!


MONDAY APRIL 15TH, 2019 from 9AM - 5PM PST


KUPA INC., 2353 W La Palma Ave., Anaheim, CA 92801, PH# 800-994-5872. The Kupa Educators will be at KUPA to answer all your Kupa Product questions and show Hands-on Nail Demos! Join us in person for great Nail Education from some of the Industries top Nail Technicians. Don’t be shy! Have lots of questions ready for us to answer! This is your chance to get face to face feedback on the KUPA products you love or don’t know you love yet!

At this FREE Kupa Nail Show, the Kupa Educator Team will demo with Divinity Acrylic products, DipFinity Nail Dipping System and Gelfinity Products by Kupa. The first 50 attendees will get a Free Gift from Kupa (up to $20 value). Team Kupa will have raffles, no purchase necessary to enter! Have fun and be sure to take lots selfies with #TeamKupa #KupaEducators! Tag us on Instagram at KUPA TV and #KupaInc #KupaNailShow #TeamKupa #TheArtofNails #KupaFanFaves #KupaTV #KupaHub

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* No children allowed at the demo, please




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