How to Use the Divinity Sculpting Nail Brushes from KUPA Inc.

Divinity Sculpting Nail Brushes by Kupa Incorporated.  Do you have questions about KUPA's Divinity Sculpting Acrylic Nail Brushes? Kupa TV has answered your questions in the latest YouTube video!

Follow along with Kupa TV Host Jess and Kupa Educator Ann as they explain the difference between all the different size Divinity Sculpting Brushes offered at Kupa Inc.

Shop the Divinity Acrylic Sculpting Brushes by Kupa Inc:

KUPA TV is presented by KUPA Incorporated the leading manufacturer of Electric Nail Files and Nail Drills in the Nail Industry. KUPA TV feature Nail art design tutorials and demos designed for professional nail techs and nail enthusiast.

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