Release of the MANIPro Passport Plus
From the beginning, the Efile has revolutionized the industry. In the '80s the original Electric File was introduced by Kupa Incorporated. Since then, we here at Kupa have done our best to continuously improve upon the concept to bring you the best tools for your trade in the nail industry. Today, we have revolutionized it once again. 

We give you the MANIPro Passport Plus. 

Inspirational. Beautiful. Sleek. Functional. 

The first of it's kind. A totally digital Electronic Nail File. 


This new design is intuitive, easy to use and has features that have never been done before now on an Efile. When purchasing this new Efile you not only get the control box, but also a smart doc with a dust protector, KP-60 Hand Piece, Power Cell, scratch resistant holster and the ability to change the color jackets to fit your personal style. The hardest decision will be figuring out what color you want your Efile for the day. 


Another Option available with the MANIPro Passport Plus is the Wireless Smart Petal Plus. We are very excited about this new feature. The Smart Petal is connected through a Bluetooth system on the control box. Do away with pesky wires that only get in the way and focus on making art. 


The MANIPro Passport Plus and Wireless Smart Petal are available for Pre Sale now. 

Release Date: Mid July 2019


 For more information, watch the video below or go to




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