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MANIPro Original (Razzberry) Bundle


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  • MANIPro Original (Razzberry) Bundle

Kupa Inc.

MANIPro Original (Razzberry) Bundle


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The MANIPro® Original Electric Nail File Bundle Includes 1 each:

MANIPro® Original combines power and affordability in an economically sized 3" x 5" control box. The MANIPro® Original continues to be one of the strongest, fastest, and most durable electric files available to the nail industry and features a lightweight friction grip-chuck handpiece, a built-in handpiece cradle, a strain relief cord, an illuminated power indicator, forward/reverse modes, and variable speeds from 4,500 to 15,000 RPM. Included: MANIPro® Handpiece, Power Supply, Variable Speed Control Box, 1-Sanding Band Mandrel, 10-Sanding Band. One year Limited parts and labor Warranty Included with your Kupa E-file!


CB-KIT-SILVER: The K-Star Carbide bit kit is available in a stylish cylindrical container that displays each bit for easy organization.

Silver K-Star Carbide Bit Kit Contains (1 EACH):

1. CSBX-32-002-S Silver 3/32 Two Week Backfill Bit
2. CSBX-32-004-S Silver 3/32 Four Week Backfill Bit
3. CSBX-32-006-S Silver 3/32 Four Week Inverted Backfill Bit
4. CSBX-32-010-S Silver 3/32 Cone
5. CSBX-32-015-S Silver 3/32 Under Nail Cleaner
6. CSBX-32-018-S Silver 3/32 Tapered Barrel
7. CSBX-32-104-S Silver 3/32 Small Barrel - Medium
8. CSBX-32-204-S Silver 3/32 Large Barrel - Medium
9. CSBX-32-024-S Silver 3/32 VP Safety Bit
10. SB-EZ-OFF-092 Easy-Off 3/32 Sanding Band mandrel with 10 Sanding Bands - Medium


SB-MED-100-U: Manufactured in the U.S.A. to Japanese standards. MANIPro® bands come in a handy 100 pc. dispenser pack and are barrel shaped with cloth inner sleeves that allow them to be used in wet environments. When used in combination with our New EASY-OFF Mandrel the bands hold firm while in use but are easily removed. Excellent for use in both manicure and pedicure service. NOTE: Sanding bands are designed for single use only and cannot be disinfected



*Limited manufacturer warranty valid thru March 2019!



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