Kupa Inc.

MP Passport Plus White - Purple Jacket


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  • MP Passport Plus White - Purple Jacket

Kupa Inc.

MP Passport Plus White - Purple Jacket


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Everyday you choose beauty. You choose function, style and the tools that make it all possible. What if some days you want to add a hint of femininity? Maybe, sometimes you wake up, and you feel flirty with a bit of an edge. Feel free to sport an energetic vibe. Feel free to be you and we’ll take care of the rest. Whatever it is, we want to give you the freedom to decide. Don’t let your e-file define you, you define your e-file.



Introducing MANIPro Passport® Plus with Bluetooth technology.

Kupa Passport Plus is the first and only electric nail file to utilize Bluetooth wireless technology. True portability is achieved with the addition of the Kupa Smart Pedal, a wireless device to drive your Passport Plus.  *Smart Pedal Plus sold separately - Bluetooth Pedal not included with the Passport Plus.


MANIPro Passport Plus Complete with KP-60 Handpiece 

White with Purple color changing Jacket 


The stylish new digital MANI-PRO Passport Plus is taking electric nail ling to the next level. Nail Technicians will love the intuitive and simple design of the navigation ring. The dual display areas allows the technician to control the Handpiece speed and direction from either the Digital Controller or the Smart Dock. With Bluetooth technology, the variable speed Smart Pedal Plus can be controlled wirelessly. You can simultaneously charge and use the Plus without any damage to the battery due to the long lasting Lithium Ion Power Cell. Boasting with an acetone resistant finish, the Plus also comes with the powerful MANI-PRO KP-60 Handpiece. More option for the Color changing jackets to be available soon for pre-order!





KP-60 Handpiece

Ultra Smooth / Quiet / Vibration Free

Locking Chuck for Easy Bit Change

Use Standard 3/32” Bits

High Torque / 30,000 RPM

Smaller Light Weight Control Box

Upright Charging Station

Lock in Scratch Resistant Holster on the Left or Right Side

Simple Navigation Ring Eliminates Dials and Switches

Variable Speed Control

Inter-Changeable Custom Color Jacket Allows for Personalization

Dual Display Areas

Acetone Resistant Finish

Small Table Top Footprint

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Power Cell Battery

Change between 110V(US) and 220V(Euro)

Limited One Year Warranty





KP-60 Handpiece

Digital Controller with Color Jacket

Scratch Resistant Holster

Smart Dock Charger

MANIPro Power Cell Battery

Dust Cover

110V(US) and 220(Euro) Adaptive Power Plug

Set Up Guide

Instruction Manual




MANIPro Passport Plus available in Black, Silver or White

Black  (standard with Red Color Jacket)

Silver (standard with Black(Matte) Color Jacket)

White (standard with Purple Color Jacket)