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MP Passport PURPLE + Foundation Kit


  • MP Passport PURPLE + Foundation Kit
MP Passport PURPLE + Foundation Kit MP Passport PURPLE + Foundation Kit MP Passport PURPLE + Foundation Kit

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MP Passport PURPLE + Foundation Kit




Now available with your choice of KP-55 or NEW KP-60 Handpiece option! Select your choice of Handpiece before placing item in cart!

MANIPro Passport® Purple (Portable Electric Nail File) with Foundation Kit - Now Includes Passport Desktop Cradle!

Acetone Resistant Finish Control Box!

KUPA’s MANIPro Passport®. This powerful, all new exclusive, portable electric nail file has been designed for the Professional Nail Technicians who demand power and portability. The MANI-PRO Passport® features a light weight battery powered *Acetone Resistant Finish* control box. This unit can provide anywhere from 8 to 10 hours of use per charge in either 110v or 220v. The MANI-PRO Passport® comes complete with a stainless steel belt clip and a plastic handpiece holster which can snap on either side of the control box. Control box is available in Red, White or Purple. Full one year parts and labor warranty with your Kupa E-file!


* KP-55 or KP-60 Handpiece (Select before checkout!)
* Passport® Portable Control Box
* Passport® Charging System
* Stainless Steel Belt Clip
* Plastic Handpiece Holster
* Instruction Manual


* Ultra Smooth / Quiet / Vibration Free
* Acetone Resistant Finish Control Box
* Compact Light Weight
* Portable/Rechargeable
* 8-10 Hours of Battery Life
* Variable Speed Control
* Forward/ Reverse Button
* Illuminated Power Indicator
* High Torque / 30,000 RPM
* Quick Charge System - 2 Hours Full Charge
* Automatic switching 110/220 Volts
* Limited One Year Warranty

Compatible Handpieces:

U-Power Model:

* UG-12 (UP200 Handpiece)
* UG-14 (UPower 2G & UP200-V Handpiece)

MANIPro Model:

* KP-36 (Supermax Handpiece)
* KP-50 (MANIPro® Handpiece)
* KP-55 (MANIPro® Handpiece)
* KP-60 (MANIPro® Handpiece)


Divinity Foundation Kit - This is the perfect foundation kit for taking your state board tests! The free online training course included with purchase includes access to the "Perfect Pink & Whites Online Training Course". Watch the step-by-step videos available in your choice of English, Spanish or Vietnamese. To take the course, you need to purchase the Divinity Essentials or Foundation kit. Inside the kit is a coupon with the access code for the course. You will then need to login with the access code and download the workbook and practice sheets. You can now begin the course. There are 8 sections in the course.


Divinity Foundation Kit -  Kit Contents:

* Divinity Clear Powder (0.5oz)
* Divinity White Powder (0.5oz)
* Divinity Pink Powder (0.5oz)
* Divinity Natural Powder (0.5oz)
* Divinity Structure Traditional Liquid (2oz)
* Divinity Structure Odorless Liquid (2oz)
* Peace Nail Prep (0.5oz)
* Love Nail Acidless Primer (0.5oz)
* Harmony Cuticle Oil (0.5oz)
* Glaze Topcoat (0.5oz)
* #8 Acrylic Sculpting Student Brush (Black handle)
* Infinity Forms ( 10 pieces )
* Shaper Buffer file
* Dappen Dish


Included with Purchase Desktop MANIPro Passport Cradle - MP-PP-1132