Small Barrel (Coarse / S)

Small Barrel (Coarse / S)


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MANIPro Small Barrel Silver Carbide Bit (Small Barrel / COARSE)

Perfectly balanced for ultra smooth cutting action. The geometry of the bit allows it to cut smoothly in either clockwise of counter clockwise directions, making them perfect for both right or left handed techs. The MANIPro Small Barrel Coarse grit Silver Carbide Bit is used for surface work, shortening acrylic and gel product, backfill cutting and c-curves. The only difference between a large-barrel bit and a small-barrel bit if the circumference of the bit, allowing for nail techs to choose their preference. Made for e-file machines with a 3/32" collet closing mechanism.

The Small Barrel bit is available in: 

Fine, Medium, Coarse, XCoarse, XXCoarse grit.


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