HANDPIECE Only Flat Rate Repair


  • HANDPIECE Only Flat Rate Repair


HANDPIECE Only Flat Rate Repair




FLAT RATE REPAIR SERVICE HANDPIECE ONLY (KP-55, KP-60, UG-12, SUG-12) $59.95* Including shipping back after repaired!


Kupa products only!  One price for all services!  Effective Immediately!  



Price includes* shipping back to customer! International customers some restrictions apply*- you will get a $15 shipping credit for your Flat Rate Repair service purchased and will owe shipping balance before merchandise will be returned.


Once you buy the Flat Rate Repair service simply print a copy of your Invoice and include in the box back to Kupa Repair Center.  Please keep a copy of all shipment tracking information you obtain when sending your package in for service.  You are responsible for shipping charges when sending your equipment in for repair.  Kupa Incorporated is not responsible for lost or stolen items that are lost during shipping to Kupa.  


It will take a Kupa Repair Technician anywhere from 8-15 business days to complete the service of the paid Flat Rate Repair Service once your package has been received in the correct department.  If you did not receive a email update that we received your package please contact us to be sure we have your correct info on file mail@kupainc.com.





Address to mail your package for service:


Kupa Inc

Attn: Repair Department

2353 W La Palma Ave.

Anaheim, CA 92801



The flat rate includes return shipping to the continental USA!
If you live outside of the USA or continental USA, the flat rate offers a $15 credit toward return shipments. International customers must pay the shipping cost difference after the $15 credit is applied. 
We recommend you pay the flat rate pair ahead of sending in your machine.
If you do not pay the rate within 90 days of us repairing your machine, we have the right to use your machine for our own purposes. We will do our best to contact and inform you of your pending payment, but it is your responsibility to ensure the repair is paid for within 90 days! 


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